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Studio Classes & Workshops

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Monday: Beginners Pilates 5:40-6:30 
             Intermediate Pilates 6:30-7:20
Tuesday: Bootcamp Pilates 6:30-7:20
Wednesday: Yoga Foundations 7:15-8:15
Saturday: Workshops (TBA)
*Monday to Friday: Private Yoga Therapy


Pilates BootcampTuesdays 6:30
An energizing and challenging twist on classical mat pilates. Perfect for those who want to get their sweat on and enjoy a full body workout. Awesome music and lots of different props makes this class anything but boring. You’ll feel this one tomorrow!
*Intermediate fitness level but no pilates training required. 


Beginners Pilates:  Mondays 5:40pm
For clients who are new to pilates or need a refresher.  Focuses on stability, technique, balance and core strength. 
Intermediate Pilates:  Mondays 6:30pm
This class is based on Mat and Vertical Pilates providing a full range of positions to create endurance, better posture, and deeper challenge at the muscular level.  Clients feel more aware of their bodies and more integrated at a deeper level.



Yoga Therapy (Private Class)
Yoga therapy is a process of cultivating deep physiological awareness to be able to respond to the ever-present host of signals your body is giving you in every moment, especially subtler signals and whispers rather than screams of discomfort or pain. From this experience, what emerges is a reorganization of your bodies systems to a new and better state of being.
Yoga therapy is focused entirely on your needs and how the tools of yoga can best support you. Private programs are completely customized to each individual. We will do a combination of goal setting, movement work, reflection, feedback and homework that is a collaborative process between the two of us. 
Yoga therapy is a one-on-one experience that asks you to invest your time and effort to cultivate a sustainable, lasting transformation so you can thrive in your life. If this something you are ready for, let’s connect.
60 Minute Sessions (Private) Monday-Friday daytime
Yoga Foundation (Group Class)
This class is slow paced and gentle so you can start to develop a deep physiological awareness to be able to respond to the signals your body is sending you at every moment. You can also expect to experience breath work, mindfulness, meditation and functional movement based in Yoga Therapy aimed at helping you to move better. As you develop awareness of your movement habits and learn how to quiet compensations your body will begin to release from cycles of pain and tension and then flexibility, stability and strength arises.
This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the foundations of yoga in a safe and non-judgemental environment. People with chronic pain, healing from injury, or a restricted range of movement will also benefit from this class. Ideal for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners who want to advance their practice. My aim to help you become your own best teacher.
60 Minute Yoga Foundation (Group class) Wednesdays 7:15-8:15

Class Policies

Single classes and packages have a one-year expiry from the date of purchase (unless otherwise stated) and are not eligible to be shared or transferred. We accept Visa, MasterCard, debit. Cash payments may only be made in person during reception hours M-F 11-6:45pm or Sat 11-4.
All class packages are non-refundable.
When making a reservation,  you must create a profile on-line in order to buy individual classes or packages.  We value your privacy and will never share telephone numbers, email addresses, or personal data with third parties.
Classes need to be booked in advance to reserve your spot. 
 *Cancellation Policy Your reservation must be canceled 6 hours prior to the scheduled class time. If you do not cancel within this time period, a class will be deducted from your package. 

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